Why the old English Dictionary is dying

The dictionary’s popularity is in decline in part because the word “english” has lost some of its meaning.

According to a new study, the word English is slowly losing its meaning in the 21st century, as its main focus has shifted to being an international language.

The study found that while “english,” which means “the written word” and was first used in England by John Wyndham in the 16th century, has become increasingly popular as a generic term for any language that can be used to communicate between different countries, it’s also lost some meaning when it comes to the original meanings of the word.

English has lost the meaning of “the spoken word” as well, the study found.

Instead, the dictionary now refers to the language as a single language, which is why it has become a popular target for those who want to take over a language.

The study also found that the word is being used by the general public in an increasing number of ways, such as in popular language blogs, on the internet, and even in the media.

There are a number of reasons for this, according to the study, including the fact that many people are not familiar with the word’s original meanings.

It also appears that “english has lost its value because people are using it more and more, and therefore it is more difficult to get rid of it,” said the study’s lead researcher, Laura Bock, a researcher at the University of Manchester.

“We are losing the meaning that the dictionary is trying to convey.”

The study comes after the National Dictionary of the English Language was published in 2005.

But the new study suggests that many dictionaries have missed this opportunity.

Bock and her colleagues compiled a database of 1,000 words from the dictionary, including words like “English,” “federalism,” “English language,” “noun,” “word,” “speech,” and “speech-like sound.”

They also compiled a list of 1.2 million words from online dictionaries, such the Oxford English Dictionary, the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), the New York Times Dictionary, and others.

From the data, the researchers were able to determine the most common words in the dictionary that were used to mean the word, or used to describe the meaning.

For example, the words “fancy dress,” “high-end hotel,” and other words that describe the clothing used in high-end hotels, appeared in a much larger number than the words that meant “furniture.”

The researchers found that “fancies dress” has more than doubled in popularity in the last 30 years, and the word has become much more used to indicate something that is pretty than it has in the past.

They were also able to identify the words with more than double the frequency of their previous meanings.

The researchers concluded that while the dictionary’s focus has changed from the language itself to its meanings, its use has remained the same.

However, they noted that the dictionaries are not alone in their usage of the words.

When using “fairy tales,” the word used to refer to stories about people who lived on the land, it has been used more than “futurism” in the years since the dictionary was published.

The new study is the first to find the most commonly used words in a dictionary.

It also found a large gap in the frequency between words that were found to have the same meaning in different dictionaries.

These findings may lead to a debate about the usefulness of dictionaries in the future, according the researchers.

For example the researchers say that while it is important to find words that have the most use, “they do not necessarily have to be the most popular words,” Bock said.

Another issue is that “the number of people who use the word varies depending on the dictionary,” Bocks added.

In general, “fantasy” has been found to be used more frequently than “story.”

“It is not surprising that fantasy is being seen as a more accurate translation than fiction,” she said.

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