Why do you use the word kannadigas in english?

English is a language of words.

It is an alphabet, a system of words that are written and pronounced.

The way the language is spoken is also very different from the way we learn English.

But even though it’s a different language, it’s still the same alphabet, so what we call a kannadi is the same as an English word.

English is a system that makes English words work the same way, according to linguist Dr. Shriram Thakkar.

If you take a look at a word that sounds the same in different languages, that’s called a homonym.

An English word like “pig” sounds different in one language to another.

You can call an English verb like “take a pig” in English and “go to a piggy den” in another language.

In fact, some languages have a very simple homonym system.

For example, in German, you can call the German word “sich”, meaning “I”, and a Latin word “stumptum”, meaning “(to) take.”

When we speak in English, we do that with “sig” (to speak), “stom” (sounds like “to,”) and “thumpt” (a word that stands for “to).”

English is not just a language.

It’s a system.

It’s very similar to how we understand the concept of a word, said Thakar.

What you’re seeing is not a homophonic system, but the way the English word sounds.

Even if you know English as an alphabet system, you still use it in a way that the alphabet system is different from how you learn English, said Dr. Thakarak.

What you do know is the way you pronounce it in the way that it’s pronounced.

That’s how you know if it’s “the,” “or,” or “or something else.”

You’re not using the same pronunciation system as the English speaker.

That means, you’re not going to have the same kind of phonetic cues that you’re going to see in the dictionary when you see the word in a dictionary.

That makes it easier for you to learn it.

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