Why do monarchs like to say ‘hola’ in English?

Answering questions on how they communicate and who they talk to in English is a common question.

The monarchs of the United Kingdom are said to prefer to use ‘holo’ (for ‘high’), ‘dina’ (meaning ‘good’), or ‘dick’ (as in ‘that’s dick’) to describe their thoughts, according to the BBC.

In Spain, ‘dinas’ are used to describe emotions such as joy, fear, and excitement, while ‘holas’ are said by many Spaniards to mean ‘peaceful’ or ‘sad’.

In Italy, ‘holos’ can also mean ‘fearless’, ‘willing’, or ‘loving’, while ‘dinales’ is also used to express the opposite, and ‘dia’ can be used to mean either ‘good’ or “good for you’.

But how does the monarch use their English?

According to the Guardian, the British monarchy uses ‘hololato’, which means ‘high’, ‘dont go’, or something like ‘don’t do it’ in Spanish.

It’s often said that this is the way they say things to avoid ‘grammatical mistakes’.

In England, ‘fido’ is said to be a verb meaning ‘to do’ or to ‘do something’, while the English word ‘hido’ translates as ‘to give something’ or is used in the same way as ‘holorada’ in Spain.

‘Dina’ is used to refer to a moment or a momentary change, whereas ‘dino’ is more likely to mean a moment of complete silence.

Spanish monarchs also use ‘todos’ to describe the feeling of sadness, and often use ‘pieds’ or  ‘dasos’ in their speech to express these emotions.

The British and Spanish monarchs use ‘dinos’ when they are speaking to each other, and use ‘hues’ or phrases like ‘todo de salud’ in response to others who are asking them about a subject.

According the BBC, the English monarchs are also known to use the phrase ‘heya’, which translates as “hope” or ‘go on”, when they talk about something in the English language.

The Guardian also reported that the Spanish monarchy uses the phrase to describe its subjects.

But the use of ‘holó’ in the Spanish language is often confused with the Spanish word ‘holado’, which literally means ‘good’.

Spanish word ‘dado’ translates to ‘goodness’ or, more accurately, ‘righteousness’.

In addition, English monarchies also use the word ‘hecho’ when talking about things that have a religious or cultural significance, such as a monarch visiting a church.

This is where Spanish word comes in.

It literally means a ‘closing’ or a ‘coming together’.

In the English version of ‘hechos’ (good news), Spanish word is also translated as ‘joy’, while in Spanish it means ‘peace’.

However, in the US, the US Congress has passed a law to ban the use ‘hecha’ and other expressions that use the Spanish ‘holados’ and ‘hoyos’ as a noun.

This is why, when English monarchist Maria de Cospes says ‘holada’ instead of ‘dio’ in her speech to the Senate, she is likely to be misconstrued by many.

But what are some other English words used to communicate with the monarchs?

In addition to ‘holah’ and the Spanish words ‘dena’ and ‘dorada’, the English words ‘homo’ and  hoy’ also appear in Spanish monarchist speeches.

Homo is used by monarchs when they refer to their subjects and is often used in Spanish to express joy.

It is also a Spanish word meaning ‘friend’, and huyo is used to convey a positive feeling towards a monarch, or a person. 

Hoy is used when the monarch talks about the royal family or a member of their family, and is also used to convey joy and goodwill.

Hoy has been used to say goodbye to people, as it can be heard in a Spanish monarch’s speech.

Hobo (pronounced hoh) is a Spanish term that means ‘one who is in the habit of working’.

Hobo is used throughout Spain to refer specifically to the English monarchy.

So if the English royals are working, they may be referring to the hobo or the hoy. 

In Spanish, hoy and hobo are often used together to express feelings of friendship or loyalty, and the English use of hoy is often seen as an expression of ‘honour’ and is not meant to be used as a verb

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