When the new currency won’t solve Ukraine’s economic woes

The Ukrainian government is hoping to avoid another financial crisis by launching its own currency this year.

The country’s central bank announced it would introduce a 500-millilitre bill on Tuesday, replacing the Ukrainian hryvnia, the country’s main currency, which has been pegged to the greenback for years.

But its aim will be to raise a new round of international capital, including from private investors.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has vowed to use the new money to help revive the economy.

The hryvcnia has been the subject of criticism from some economists who say it has not been sufficiently diversified in recent years.

The government hopes that the new bill will give it more room to diversify.

But experts say the new bills may not be enough to cover the countrys debt.

The new bill is the first step in the country´s plans to implement a sovereign wealth fund, known as the national security reserve, which is a type of insurance.

Under the fund, a fund of $1 trillion will be available for foreign direct investment, the new legislation said.

The plan is also aimed at stabilising Ukraine´s financial system.

In a statement, Ukraine said the fund would not be a replacement for the hrycnia.

It said it would cover capital requirements for the economy, as well as a pension scheme for military personnel.

The bill also said the funds will cover the debts of the national health service, which the government has been unable to pay.

In January, the Ukrainian government introduced a new plan for the country that would provide it with up to $1.5 trillion in loans to fund a massive reconstruction effort in eastern Ukraine.

The deal was criticised by Ukraine´a western neighbour and the United States.

“It is not enough to simply fix the debts in Ukraine.

It needs to fix the whole economy,” said Yevhen Zhelezny, an economist at the Bank of Russia.

“The debt crisis of Ukraine cannot be solved with a new bill, but with a credible restructuring of the economy.”

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