When I say ‘The Wire’ is the most important show in the history of television…

The Wire is one of the most influential shows of all time.

It has spawned multiple spin-offs, countless films, and a myriad of spin-off television series, including the HBO series True Detective and the NBC series Broad City.

The show also spawned a long list of imitators, including shows like Homeland, House of Cards, and Veep.

This is all a testament to the enduring power of The Wire, but there’s one thing that’s been lost in translation, and that’s how to properly describe what The Wire really is. 

To get the full meaning of the show, I had to talk to a lot of people. 

As we discussed on this episode of the podcast, I got a few different answers to the question of whether The Wire was the most powerful show ever. 

For starters, the show is considered a true crime classic, as it was based on the real-life investigation of the murder of the late Baltimore police officer George McClellan. 

This was the case of a black man, John Boyd, who was brutally murdered in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor by two white men, who were subsequently acquitted. 

The prosecution argued that the two black men should not have been convicted, but a jury of white people had a hard time finding the crime a hate crime. 

A year after the murder, the city passed a new law that made it a hate crimes offense to commit a crime against an African-American person. 

After that, the trial took place. 

And for the first time, the prosecution presented the case against the men accused of Boyd’s murder. 

One of the key things that The Wire does is use the word “heinous.” 

This is an important distinction because it can be very difficult to get the word twisted into a more positive way to describe what happened to John Boyd. 

In this episode, we’ll look at the ways that The Wall Street Journal uses the word. 

First, a word that’s often misused by those who want to make the case that The New Jim Crow is an indictment of white America, and it’s not. 

It’s not at all. 

Instead, The Wire uses the term “heinous.” 

To understand how this word works, you need to think of it as the opposite of “he” and “they.” 

For example, the word “they” is a person or group of people who is responsible for a crime.

If a crime is committed by a person, the term is used to describe the person.

But if it’s a group of individuals, like a crime, the person is considered the one responsible. 

There are many different ways in which the word can be used. 

But, to say that The People of the Bronx are the “heins” of John Boyd’s killing would be like saying that a man is responsible, because that’s what the word implies. 

Second, the title of the original HBO show The Wire itself uses the words “heirarchy.” 

The title of The Wall is an  empirical title. 

Here’s how this works: When you look at The Wall, the name of the story is the title.

It says “The Wall,” which means “the house,” “the tower,” or “the tower.” 

When The Wall first aired in 1985, it was the first show to air on television, and, according to Wikipedia, “The title was chosen to indicate that it was an allegory for the family of Robert E. Lee.” 

Lee was a Confederate general who served as the commander of the U.S. Army during the Civil War. Robert E. Lee is one example of an American who was considered “heirloom.” 

He was a “heretic” who, according the Wikipedia entry, was a slaveowner who had “a passion for literature, music, and science.” 

In other words, The Wall was about how the black people of the world, the ones who didn’t have the ability to buy books or listen to music or watch movies or learn about science, could be the ones with the greatest ability to control the world. 

We all know that the people who run the world are the ones that rule the planet. 

If that’s the case, then it’s the people that make up the hierarchy of the human race, and when you think about it, that’s exactly what The Wall does. 

So the title, “the heirloom,” is an allegorical title.

The title “the heirarchy” is the title that’s used to represent the hierarchy. 

“Heirarchy” can also mean that people from the same house (or “hegemonic household”) control different things. 

When a person from a family has power over something, that means that that person can be trusted

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