What’s going on with the UK royal family?

The UK’s royals are a bit of a mystery.

As the Royal Family has become more prominent and the country has been in the spotlight with the coronavirus pandemic, there have been whispers that a royal family was trying to set up a new dynasty.

Now, we know what it might be.

A new coronaviral coronaviruses campaign was announced earlier this week, which will run through April 2019.

According to the press release, the new campaign will focus on the royal family’s “experience and impact on the lives of the people of England and Wales” and will “give them an insight into how their families’ achievements have impacted on the country.”

According to a press release from the UK’s Ministry of Defence, the coronas campaign will be the largest ever.

It’s expected to spend £10 million on public health, and is expected to reach around 1 million people, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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