What you need to know about cabron, a new language for learning English online

A new language called cabron was created by a group of Canadian teachers in the United States and is being taught online.

Cabron is a dialect of English spoken by some of the world’s most disadvantaged people, like people living in poverty, people who have limited English proficiency and people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

It’s also spoken in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen.

It’s one of many languages offered online by the University of British Columbia, an online learning platform.

Cabbron has been available for more than two years and has been gaining popularity among teachers.

It started as a way to make it easier for students to learn a new and challenging language, said teacher and cabron enthusiast Kim Langer.

“I’m a teacher and I have students coming up to me and asking me how it’s going, asking how I’m doing.

So I said, I have to make something available, so I made this app,” said Langer, who has taught English at UBC for 10 years.

Langer said cabron is much more than just an online language, and that it’s also about giving students a voice in their learning.

“It’s not just learning to read.

It is learning to speak.

It also is learning vocabulary, grammar, vocabulary and grammar,” she said.

The app uses a system that uses a combination of facial recognition, machine translation and video chats to help teachers improve learning and improve student learning.

It also has a website that includes a video tutorial, grammar guide and audio lessons.

“The teacher can really use this as a tool, because I have a lot of people who can’t speak English and who want to learn to speak English,” said teacher Kim L. Langer with the cabron app.

Langers’ team of 15 teachers are part of the UBC English Learning Network.

The system is called Numeracy, and it is used in all major Canadian universities and colleges.

In the United Kingdom, there are two versions of the app.

The first version is called Linguistic English, and uses a lot more video chatting and audio, but has a lot less video and audio.

The second version is Linguistics English.

It is much faster to learn than Numerality and is used at U.K. universities and institutions.

But for the cabrons, it’s a great tool to help improve their language skills.

“This is the language that they are speaking and they want to communicate with us, so they are using it as a language,” said Kim L., a cabron expert.

She said that if a teacher is not comfortable using the app, they can use a second app called Sentient, but it’s much more difficult to teach using a cabramon app.

“They can use Sentient to get more video, but they can’t use Sentients.

Sentients are for those students who are very difficult to communicate, and they can be challenging to understand,” she added.”

So the students who want a second language and are really struggling, we really need to have that,” said langer.

This story was produced by ABC News and was originally broadcast on April 10, 2017.

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