What is the meaning of the word “falling?”

A dictionary defines “fall” as “the process by which something falls from the sky” and the English translation of “fall in love” says “a falling lover.”

It’s an example of a popular word-play that has appeared across the globe in recent years, including in the English-language version of “The Simpsons” and in a video for the hit British pop band The Killers.

“Falling” also appears in an 1882 poem by Charles Bukowski, who called his work “The Fall.”

A popular online video shows the word spelled out in the British language by a man with an English accent.

“The English word ‘falling’ means a falling lover,” the narrator says.

“In this case it’s a fall in love.

It’s a love gone wrong.”

The word “Fall” also appeared in a poem by Chinese writer Li Yu.

In the poem, he writes, “A falling person is a person who is fallen, a fallen man is a man who is lost.”

In the video, the narrator talks about the word and its meaning.

“It’s a falling person.

It means someone who is falling, or who has fallen.

It is a fallen lover.

It can also mean falling in love,” he said.

“I’m not saying that falling is wrong, it’s just not what you would want to say in this kind of context.”

Another popular online post from 2011 uses the word to describe a “fallen lover” and is titled, “How to Say ‘Fall’ When You Love Someone.”

The words “fall and love” appear in a number of popular songs.

“A fall in the springtime is like a falling star,” a video of “Pleasure,” which includes the song “Fall,” appears to say.

“Your love is the fall, it is the rising of the fall.

It has a fall, and the rising up of the rising.”

A video of the song by the British rock band Pink Floyd appears to show a man in a bathtub falling down into a pool of water, while a video from the American band “Mona Lisa” shows a man being washed away by the tide.

A video titled “I Fall” from the French pop group “Elle” shows the singer falling in the river.

“If you fall in Love, you fall and love, and if you fall apart in Love you fall,” the song goes on to say, using an abbreviation for “fall.”

“It is a fall of love,” the video ends.

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