How to use the word “amharid”

A man is seen in a picture taken by a cameraman during an exhibition of the show ‘Amharid’ at the cinema in Venice, Italy, November 1, 2016.The show is part of a documentary titled ‘Amari Amari’, which is a project by Italian filmmaker Giuliano Bocchetti, about Amharid, a religion that traces its origins back to […]

Why do puppies eat their own faeces?

I’ve never really understood why puppies eat.When we asked around we couldn’t find a single puppy owner who understood the process.That’s because puppies eat faecal matter, not human feces, but it seems they’re doing it for survival. Puppy owners say that faecals are a natural part of their puppies’ diets, but the actual practice of feeding […]

How to say “albania” in English

English breakfast: Polish to English: Albanian to English Polish to Albanian Polish to Czech: Albanic to English English English to Albanic English to Czech Polish to Bulgarian: Albanics to English French to Albanics French to French English to French to German: Albanians to English Italian to Albanians Italian to Italian to French German to Italian […]

How to choose a good pet name in the US

The name of a dog has a huge impact on how people see it.Some people see the breed as being gentle and sweet and have names that reflect this.Others might find it hard to imagine a dog with a name like the English Bulldog or the English Terrier, who have their own distinctive traits.The answer […]

Why do people cry?

The movie that helped us understand the joy of seeing our beloved Blue is the one we all remember from school: Bulldog.It’s the first film to break through the bubble of the “other” and bring us into a world where we’re not only watching something that’s real, but one that we’re all capable of understanding.And […]

Chinese bulldog to make its debut in US this fall

China is to debut the blue English bulldog in the US this autumn.The dog was developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the country’s top dog breeding centre.It will be named the Chinese Bulldog and will compete in the Dog Show.“The breed has become the dominant breed in the Chinese cities for the last 50 […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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