New app can translate words from English to Kannada

A new app that can translate English words from Kannadas language to English has been launched.

The app, called Kannadic, is available for download for free on Android and iOS.

“Kannadic is a simple way for learners to communicate with each other,” said Kannadi Keshavarapu, co-founder and CEO of

“It is a language learning app that lets you easily translate your own words, and also your friends’ and family’s words.

Kannadal’s goal is to connect people with each others’ language.

And it works on Android.”

A language learner can search for words and phrases and then tap on them to get the translation.

The application also allows users to choose how they want to translate the words, based on the context.

“When you see the translation in the app, it will tell you exactly how to read and understand the sentence,” said Mr Keshava.

KANNADAB.COM KANNADA ISSUES The app is still in beta.

It uses an app store that provides free access to a few languages.

It is being developed in partnership with the Indian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MNCIT).

Mr Khera said the app is also available on and Google Play.

“We have already launched the app on Amazon and on Google Play, but people are finding out that the app works on other platforms too,” he said.

Mr Ksheeshava added that the company is working with more languages.

He added that a native English-speaking community is also working on Kannadan.

“There is a growing community of learners in India.

We are helping them to learn Kannads language,” he added.

 KANNADAD.COM’S NEW APP HAS THE BEST ROLEPLAYERS, CHEAP MESSAGES AND A DOUBLE-FACTOR RINGSTONES MADE IN KANN ADELAIDE The app has been created in partnership between MNCIT and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies.

Mr Varma, cofounder and chief executive of MNCAT, said the company wanted to ensure the language was accessible to the public.

“We wanted to make the app as accessible as possible for the public,” he told The Straits Times.

“The app will help users understand what the language is and how to use it.

The main goal of the app was to make it as accessible and easy to learn as possible.”

 Mr Varma said the developers of the language app were “very excited” to bring Kannadellar’s language app to the mobile platform.

“What we are doing is very important for the future of languages in India,” he explained.

“Language apps are very popular and we think this app is a huge success.”

Mr Varty added that he was impressed by how the app could be used by learners of other languages.

He said that a number of people had contacted the company and said they wanted to try the app.

“The app has the best roleplay capabilities, low price, and the best language learning capabilities.

And the language learners will find a lot of value in the apps,” he commented.

The app also supports two-way voice calls.

“This is another very important factor for us to promote the language.

We want to make sure that our users are not only using the app for the benefit of other users, but also for their own benefit,” he noted.

KANNADA INFLUENCE In 2016, Kannadyar announced the creation of Kanyaram, an app to translate Kannades words into English.

In May this year, Kanyamar, an English-language app to learn the Kannados language, was launched.

Earlier this month, Kani Baju, CEO of Bajuk, launched Kannakara, a language app that translates Kannas words into Kannaras English.

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