How to use the word “amharid”

A man is seen in a picture taken by a cameraman during an exhibition of the show ‘Amharid’ at the cinema in Venice, Italy, November 1, 2016.

The show is part of a documentary titled ‘Amari Amari’, which is a project by Italian filmmaker Giuliano Bocchetti, about Amharid, a religion that traces its origins back to the Middle East and is believed to have influenced the Koran.

Bocchetti, a native of Bologna, was awarded the 2017 Prix delle Dessin, Italy’s highest honour for his film ‘Amaris Amari’ in the country.

He also won the 2015 prize for documentary ‘La Traviata’. 

In the film, Bocchi shows a series of photographs taken during the first day of Amari Amaris annual pilgrimage, known as Amharic month. 

‘Amari’ is the name of the Arabic name for the pilgrimage.

The show will also present the story of Amharis journey from their homeland in the east of the country to the Italian city of Venice.

The documentary will be broadcast on the internet by the Italian television channel, La Travio.

Bologna is home to the world famous Amari, a city with a rich history, which dates back to 13th century. 

The pilgrimage is one of the largest in the world and was once celebrated with hundreds of thousands of pilgrims. 

It is one reason why the Italian government has launched a plan to open a mosque to accommodate the influx of Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India and other parts of the world.

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