How to translate the ‘Arab Spring’ in your favorite word

English Civil War in Syria is a real-world civil war.

The conflict has killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions.

So far, the world has seen a number of words and phrases used to describe the conflict, from “Arab Spring” to “Arab awakening.”

And a new poll from the Pew Research Center shows that people have become more fluent in English in recent months.

The poll asked participants to rate the meaning of words from the following phrases: “Arab revolution” “Arab spring” “revolution” “political revolution” In terms of the number of times people use those words, “Arab uprising” and “Arab revolutionary” are the most popular words, with roughly six-in-ten using them daily.

The survey also found that people were more likely to use words like “the Syrian revolution” or “the Arab awakening” when referring to the civil war than they were to refer to the U.S. government’s war on terrorism.

The survey found that “Arab Awakening” was the most common term used by people to describe U.K.-based opposition leader Fethullah Gulen, who lives in Pennsylvania.

As for “Arab Revolution,” “political awakening” was cited by about one-third of people, while “Arab Civil War” and the “Arab civil war” were cited by almost half of people.

But the poll also found some differences in how people are talking about different parts of the conflict.

For example, “democratic” was more frequently used to refer specifically to the Syrian opposition, while more often than not, “civil war” was used.

Overall, people were far more likely than not to say that they believe that the civil conflict is being fought in the name of the “revolution,” and that “the revolution” is the name given to the war.

When it comes to how they view the conflict in the U!

K., more people in the United States say they believe it’s being fought by U.N.-backed groups.

By contrast, the same percentage of people in Russia say the conflict is the result of the U!.

N. or a foreign country.

People in France also have a much more positive view of the civil wars in Syria and Russia.

In the United Kingdom, people are more likely — and perhaps more surprised — when they see a picture of a dead body on the news than when they hear the words “civil conflict.”

The United States is a more positive country, but people in China are less likely to see a dead person on the front pages than people in Britain, Russia, France, and Germany.

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