How to pronounce the names of the languages spoken in the United States

NEW YORK (AP) In a first-ever study of how American and foreign people use the names that have become the lingua franca of the internet, a New York University linguistics professor says that American English is actually a mixture of Arabic and Bosnian and that English has two very different names for the same words.

The research by Michael Gerson, a professor of linguistics at the New York Graduate Center for Language and Communication, will be published online next month in the journal PLOS One.

The research is one of several projects that have examined how Americans use the same language as those of other countries.

The other studies, all in English, include the results of a survey of 5,500 people in England and Wales.

The researchers used the data to come up with a map of the top 10 words and phrases used in the U.S. in 2010.

“We were not trying to invent a new language.

We were looking for a language that is both the most common and the most used among people in the world,” said Gerson.

“We looked for some names that are very common, but not too common that we would be able to name someone from a language other than English.”

Gerson, who has studied language for 30 years, said the study shows that English is “one of the most difficult languages to study.”

It has a unique set of names and pronunciations, he said, which are unique to a single language.

“It’s like having a language of the stars, not just one language,” he said.

In this video, a woman and two men describe the difference between English and Bosnians.

The study found that there are four different words for the name of a single food in English.

The English name for the first of those four words is “bacon,” while the Bosnian name for it is “gorda.”

The name of the second word is “dumpling,” and the Bosnian name for that is “turd.”

There are four other words that have different meanings for different foods, and some of them are not used in English but are in Bosnian.

“You could call it a language where you don’t use the word ‘sausage,’ you use the name ‘fowl’ and you have a different meaning,” said David Sacks, a linguistics and linguistics researcher at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sacks, who was not involved in the study, said that the name “fowl” can be pronounced as “fah.”

“If you’re speaking Bosnian, you might say ‘fah’ when you are speaking Bosniak,” he explained.

The names of some words and words in English that people use to describe something are more common than others, said Sacks.

For example, the word “dinner” in English means something to eat or drink.

In Bosnian the word for a meal is “kobie,” and a word for drinking is “najin,” which is pronounced like “nagja.”

“It looks like there’s a lot of variance, but that’s just because there are a lot more words than we know,” said Saks.

Saks also said that there is a lot variation in how Americans and Bosnis use the words in their own language, with some words more common in American English than others.

For instance, the names “daw” and “dak” are both used in American Dutch, but the names for those words in Bosnien are “dac” and the names in American French are “couche.”

“When I speak with American Bosnian I often hear the same thing: I hear ‘daw’ and ‘dak’ and then the American word for ‘dinner’ is ‘couchet’,” said Sakhis.

“And then I hear the word in English: ‘coupon,'” he said.

“The study also showed that Americans and their relatives use different names in their country.

Americans use a word called “paw” more often than Bosnian speakers.”

They’ve never heard the word before, so they think it’s the same as Bosnian.””

But they’re not used to the word Bosnian in their language.

They’ve never heard the word before, so they think it’s the same as Bosnian.”

In addition to the names, there are also differences between the names Americans use for a few words in the English language and the ones they use in their respective country.

“There are words in American American English that you would expect in Bosnic English, but they’re very uncommon,” said John Gentry, an American linguist and professor of English at Ohio State University.

For example, “bake” and a “basket” are used in Bosniaks but not in Americans.

The word for

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