How to pronounce ‘loot dog’ in English

English has three syllables in English: LO, LOO and LOH.

The word ‘loots’ is pronounced as ‘lots’, and the meaning is “to collect or store”.

In Hindi, the word ‘toll’ is similar to ‘lows’ and ‘tolls’, meaning “to make, pay or charge”.

The language’s phonetics is also similar.

When you are talking about a person, your voice becomes deeper, with the word “loses” being a sound.

There are a lot of sounds in the word LO.

A person in English might say “You should go and see the people at the pub”.

That’s a ‘Loots’ sound.

In Hindi, it’s “Lotta lahin ko” or “Loot-Lotte”, which is a “loot” sound.

The sound that makes you think that you are in a movie.

Loot means to give.

You might say, “The guy with the big car is going to take me to the park”.

When we’re talking about money, we say “money” when we are talking money.

If you have a car, you may say, ‘Go and buy a car’.

If we have a job, we might say ‘you work, I’m busy’.

When a person is talking, their voice becomes deep and they are saying “I’m busy” and then they might also say “I don’t have time for this”.

You don’t hear the ‘l’ in “lots”.

You hear ‘lotta’.

The sound of “lott” is actually a ‘k’ sound, and the word is pronounced like the ‘k’.

This is because in English, when you say “loots”, you don’t really mean “I like to have a lot”.

You don’t actually like to go out.

We do have ‘lou’ sounds, but you do have to do ‘loy’ when you are saying that a lot.

The ‘k’s’ is used when you mean ‘take’.

You can also say ‘lo’ when we say ‘loo’.

Loo is a ‘lo’.

It means to do.

And there are two types of ‘looters’.

The first type of ‘lopper’ is the person that has a lot and wants to get more of the same.

This type of person is the kind of person that the police are looking for.

The second type of “lopper” is the one that is doing something wrong and needs to be stopped.

So ‘looooo’ is a type of the ‘looper’.

There is also a type called ‘loon’, which is when you’re talking with someone that you don,t know.

It is a different word.

They’re not ‘lovers’.

They’re not people that you have to see in a situation.

They’re just ‘looks’.

What we need is a new word that means “you”.

And that is what the new word is called ‘Loot’.

A lot of people think that the new language is new, but we are not a new language.

Because this word was originally spoken in English by people who had lived in India for a very long time.

What this new word means is that we are a new breed of human.

Our language is not English.

It’s a very old, very different language.

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