How to cook a perfect breakfast tea with a homemade tea bag

You may not have noticed, but there’s a lot more to tea than just a cup of hot water.

There’s the tea, the leaves and the whole thing, and the tea bags make this very simple process a breeze. 

If you have a kitchen, you can start with the basics.

The Basics You’ll need a tea bag, a paper towel, some paper, a tea pot and a cup. 

Make a tea kettle: I used a coffee grinder for this one. 

Start with a clean tea kettle, preferably with a ceramic kettle.

It will take a bit of effort to heat up the water, but you can easily heat it up in the microwave.

Use a tea spoon to scoop up the tea leaves, and make sure the water is evenly distributed.

Put the tea bag in the tea kettle.

Wipe the bowl with a paper towels paper towel to help remove any excess.

Repeat the above process for the leaves.

Fill the tea pot with water and cover with the tea.

Remove the tea from the pot.

Take a look at the tea bowl.

You can either use a piece of cardboard, a piece with a lid, or just use a paper cup to keep the tea in.

 Use a piece that is long enough to cover the whole tea bag.

Using the tea spoon and paper towel you’re doing this.

Don’t worry about making the tea into a smooth, fluffy, creamy cup, just a small piece. 

Get a paper bag: Use the paper towel as a measuring cup.

Cut the paper and wrap it around the tea inside the tea container. 

Fill the container with tea and fill it with water.

Set the container aside.

Open the tea packet and make the tea as smooth as possible. 

Repeat the process for as many leaves as you want.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. 

Tea bags are great to have around for tea, and they make the process of making tea a breeze! 

Have you tried making a tea using a tea cup?

If so, what’s your favourite method?

Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more delicious recipes! 

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