How to become a millionaire in Cambodia

Posted May 09, 2018 09:07:06 Cambodian billionaire Phnom Penh millionaire Khadmat Phumjat, whose fortune grew by more than US$100 million in less than a year, is set to launch a business venture in 2018 with an ambitious target to build a $20 billion economy by 2030.

Phnom PenH, whose family and the Cambodian government are linked through his company, has been the face of Cambodian capitalism for decades and has become one of the world’s wealthiest men, but has struggled to expand his company’s business in recent years due to a lack of venture capital and high regulatory hurdles.

In a rare interview with The Wall Street Journal, Phnom said he would be launching his first business venture, a social media platform, in 2018 to generate $20bn in venture capital, with the aim of building a global market.

Pham said the company would not be focused on the internet but instead on social media and mobile applications, and would be focusing on building a network of businesses and services to support a sustainable, sustainable economy.

“We’re looking at a social networking platform.

We’re not looking at just a technology platform.

I want to bring Cambodian people together.

We want to create the new business,” Pham said.

Phram’s business venture will be based in Cambodia, where he already owns a stake in a small real estate company called Khangkra, with which he also owns Khmer Business Insurance, an insurance brokerage.

The company also has investments in the real estate sector.

In the interview, Pham, 65, also talked about his own ambitions for his company and the role that his son Khadme was going to play in his future ventures.

“I want to develop my business and Khadma will be an integral part of that,” he said.

“The idea is to develop Cambodia as a global business hub, so I hope to develop businesses here, and Khador will be a leader in that.”

Khadmat, 55, is the son of the former president, Hun Sen, who has been in power since 1979.

He said his father’s role in the family’s business has not changed, and said he did not see any reason why he should not be a successful entrepreneur.

“It is not the same for my father.

It is not just about him.

He has always been successful, and I believe that the Khadmin should be a very successful business, too,” Khadman said.”

As far as Khador, it is not like he is not very intelligent and very experienced in the business.

He knows exactly what he wants and when he wants it, and he is going to take care of it,” he added.”

So I don’t think he has any doubts about my father’s business plan.”

While Pham and Khader were in charge of the company, Phy Tham was the only non-Chinese member of Khadmen’s family who did not make the jump to Cambodia.

Khadmer is the nephew of former President Hun Sen.

He said he hopes his father will have the best possible impact on Khador’s business success and would welcome him as a colleague and friend.

“He is a very good friend of mine.

He’s my father and I will treat him as my brother,” Khader said.

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