How the ‘English to Amharic’ Alphabet Was Designed

I was given a gift by an irish reader, who wanted to know how the alphabet was designed in the UK.

She was puzzled.

She asked how I learned that the alphabet is the same in all the different countries, to which I replied: ‘I don’t know what that means’.

This led to a rather lengthy discussion about whether I had the right to know this information, and whether this was acceptable or not.

But I was happy to give my explanation in the end.

I did not want to know about the history of this alphabet and its meaning, I wanted to have access to it.

This article will give an overview of the alphabet in the various languages, how it was created and used, and why it is still in use today.

English to Amfaric: the alphabet and the story behind it The first letter in the alphabet, i, stands for the Latin letter for “i”, the Latin alphabet, which was invented by the French and Italians around 1500 AD.

It is the alphabet’s main source of spelling errors.

Its alphabet is made up of 20 characters: the first letter of the word is represented by a square, while the second letter is represented as a triangle.

English alphabet, created by the Italian and French (and possibly others) in the late 15th century.

The English alphabet was originally invented by English colonists, who used the Latin letters to write English words in the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia.

Amharics alphabet was created by Arabs around 1500AD.

It was invented to differentiate between Arabic words in Arabic.

It also was used to distinguish between Arabic names and English names in ancient times.

The Arabic alphabet was a relatively recent invention, and had no influence on English.

English to Arabic: a journey through the alphabet source Bleachers Report title The English to Arabic Alphabet: The history of the English to Aymara alphabet article When the English colonised the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century, the Ottoman rulers had no alphabet and no way of recognising each other.

They used the Arabic alphabet as a way to distinguish their language, but it was not used for any language.

It had no sound, and no meaning.

They could not communicate with each other using words.

This was because the Arabic script was so complex, and so much of the information needed to do so was lost over time, and was not retained by the people themselves.

The reason why the English had no language of their own was because they used the Roman alphabet to communicate with the Romans.

In 1611, the first printing of the Roman Empire’s alphabet was made.

It contained the letters A through Z. There were only six characters in the Roman script, with the letters G, A, T and U. When they got to a certain point in their history, the English began using the Roman letters to communicate to the Romans, and they used it to write their letters to each other and their friends.

However, this method of writing did not last forever.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, the Romans had a new way of writing their letters, which they used for the same purpose.

The letters A and B were not used at all in the letters of the Latin script until the 1630s.

A letter, written using the letters, was called an ideogram.

The letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J were also called ideograms.

The Latin alphabet was based on the Greek alphabet, with all the letters replaced by the letter, A. As the Roman letter system had a very short vowel, the letter was called a phono-sigma, or a syllabary.

If a letter was too long, it was called phono-, and if too short, it called phan-, or a phonogram.

One of the most famous phonoograms, written by King Charles I of England, in 1583.

Here is a phoogram, written in the 1570s.

This phonoogram has a lot of words written in it.

And here is a phonograph phonograph.

This phonograph is made of a phonographic copy of the Phonograph.

The letter ‘A’ is placed in a circle.

I am reading this phonograph and you can see that I have written ‘A’.

This phonograph was created in 1572 by the English mathematician George Fox.

It was an extremely complex phonograph, and the English phonologists would have been horrified to see such a complex letter on the top of their books.

Fox’s phonograph did not contain a syllable.

To understand what the letters stood for, we must first understand what a letter is.

A phonogram is a

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