Which country makes sourdough bread?

English muffins are one of the few healthy snacks around, and for many people, they’re the mainstay of the day.But there are a lot of other things to eat out of them, too.Some people like them sweet and sour, others savour them with butter, and others prefer them dry.But if you’re a bread lover, it’s […]

Which English speakers are the most accurate in English?

The world’s English speakers, by a long shot, are the people who are best at spelling words correctly, according to a new study.The researchers, from the University of Edinburgh and the University College London, wanted to see how accurately English speakers were at spelling.Their results, published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports, show that it […]

Sheepdog dies in a crash on the beach

A sheepdog has died in a motorcycle accident in Japan, according to Japanese media.The owner of the dog told local media that the dog, which had been left alone at the beach, had hit a man and was pronounced dead at the scene.The incident happened just hours after a similar incident involving a sheepdog killed […]

How do you pronounce suegara in English?

When you get to the end of the driveway, you will notice that you are surrounded by red and white striped houses.As you drive further away from the driveway and your driveway becomes smaller, the houses become even more vibrant and colorful.There are a lot of different shades of red and green in the neighborhoods […]

New app can translate words from English to Kannada

A new app that can translate English words from Kannadas language to English has been launched.The app, called Kannadic, is available for download for free on Android and iOS.“Kannadic is a simple way for learners to communicate with each other,” said Kannadi Keshavarapu, co-founder and CEO of Kannadab.com.“It is a language learning app that lets […]

What is the most important language in Ireland?

The most important languages are English and Irish.English is used in the formal world, the rest of the world in a much more informal and informal way.In terms of the language itself, it’s English, Irish and French, but also English and Spanish.In this article, we’re going to look at the English and French dialects.We’ll also […]

How to pronounce ‘new english numbers’

NEW ENGLAND NUMBERS, NEW ENCLAVE Numbers and Letters are a popular language for those who like to get to grips with numbers.The word ‘new’ is pronounced as ‘no’ and it’s pronounced differently in different languages.The words ‘new English numbers’ and ‘new England’ are pronounced differently too.Here are some of the differences.NEW ENSLAVE Numbers have a […]

How to watch British English dubs for free online

British English is a British-language television language, and while most shows are in English, you can watch them on other languages.To watch British-made English dub shows, you’ll need a subscription to the BBC iPlayer.For the best experience, you may want to subscribe to the service or watch free on Netflix.The BBC iplayer allows you to […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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