Chinese bulldog to make its debut in US this fall

China is to debut the blue English bulldog in the US this autumn.

The dog was developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the country’s top dog breeding centre.

It will be named the Chinese Bulldog and will compete in the Dog Show.

“The breed has become the dominant breed in the Chinese cities for the last 50 years, and now the Chinese breeders are creating a new breed in order to make it even more dominant in the United States,” said Professor of Animal Science and Comparative Biology Prof Huai Yuan.

“It is very important to see how this new breed can be a big success for the breeders in the USA.”

Chinese Bulldog is a breed of dogs that originated in China in the 1930s and 40s, and has been bred in many countries including Australia and the US.

“In the US, we are seeing a great amount of interest in the breed,” said Prof Hu.

“People love to watch this dog compete.

They have been very selective, and they are using it to teach the public about the dog.”

The new breed will compete for the first time in the American Kennel Club’s prestigious annual show in Washington DC on October 2.

It is the first dog from China to compete in a US Kennel show.

China is also expected to introduce a new dog named the Yellow Labrador in 2020.

It was a rare appearance at the show in 2012, but was then put down with a broken foot.

The show has been a key part of the Chinese-American community’s history.

Chinese bulldogs are the world’s largest domestic dog.

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